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Swiss Rolex Replica

Swiss Rolex Replica celebrates its 130th Anniversary by launching a new line of powerful watches at the Basel World Fair. Swiss Rolex Replica's 2011 watches are inspired by the brand's rich tradition and distinct Japanese style. The watches combine the latest technology with retro design and modern lines.

The Japanese watchmaker updated most of its collections with new designs,Swiss Rolex Replica making it one of the brands that had the most prominent presence at Baselworld 2011 Credor Spring Drive is the centerpiece of this new line. This absolutely magnificent timepiece combines Swiss Rolex Replica's Spring Drive mechanism with a reinterpretation on the traditional minute repeater. This technology marks time with both hands and sounds.

Swiss Rolex Replica craftsmen, in order to achieve a clear, pleasing sound from the minute repeater gongs, used a special steel that was forged by Munemichi Myochin. This steel produces a beautiful sound very similar to Myochin's wind bell.

Spring Drive is the only mechanism that counts time in silence. The'silent Governor', another Swiss Rolex Replica patent, regulates the speed at which the gongs strike, providing perfect silence that highlights the sound from the minute repeater.

The Credor Spring-Drive Minute Repeater Watch uses a simple decimal-based system to emit one-hour, 10-minute, and 1-minute sounds. (For example, at 1:59, you will hear a single one hour sound, five ten minute sounds, and nine one-minutes sounds. Swiss Rolex Replica has created the first minute repeater watch.Patek Philippe Replica The Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater, in addition to its outstanding complication is also a functional watch with a nice design. The case, which measures 42.8 mm, is made from 18-karat rosegold. It is matched with a crocodile band with a three-fold clasp in rose gold and releasable by releasing. The beautiful skeleton dial allows you to see the incredible mechanism. The sapphire is coated on both sides with an anti-reflective coating and a dual-curved sapphire glass of high definition. Spring Drive offers a 72-hour power reserve.